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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another False Alarm?

 Well Jacob finally surfaced and not in jail as I was so sure he was. When I got him on the phone he was going off about how he didn't want to talk about C and all that drama, how he's sick of it, how he's 20 years old, how he's a grown man and doesn't have to check in daily and why does everyone freak out just because he doesn't answer a call or a text. 

I have failed to mention that he has, again, left the apartment that he and C were living in together (they made it about 2 weeks).  I love C, but I also know how she is. She is a very hard headed and needy young woman that can nag and criticise like no one I've ever seen before. She has this vision of how she wants everything to be and she is relentless at trying to transform this vision into reality.  She wants them to be this happy perfect little family which to some extent, I get.  But, the wild card in this scenario is my son, the addict.  Using or not, he still has addict behavior...he is not working a program, doesn't think he needs one...how unfortunate. 

C met with her attorney yesterday concerning serving Jacob with child support orders.  He'll likely be served at work since he refuses to tell anyone where he's staying.  She told me that she believes he's using again and she'll tell her attorney that as well.  I told her she needed to do whatever she feels she needs to do to take care of herself and my grandson.  She worries that everyone will blame her or hate her for doing this, which I keep assuring her we don't, we get it!!

Is he using again? That's the million dollar question...  I figure the answer is yes, he's probably using something.  What he's messing around with I couldn't venture a guess at this point.  He's still going in to work and I haven't encountered him obviously "messed up"...yet. But if all goes the way it always has in the past then it will just be a matter of time before the spiral out of countrol begins again.  I hope I'm wrong, because that's what we do...we hope!  But, as my husband says about Jacob, where there's smoke, there has always been fire.

One more thing I have failed to mention is that Jacob has 3 outstanding charges against him, 2 of which are carrying outstanding warrants.  So I suppose what may turn out to be a saving grace in this drama is that he will probably encounter the police eventually, perhaps when he is served with child support orders and then it'll be off to jail where he'll like sit for a while because one of these charges is a state jail felony charge for possession of a controlled substance - Meth.  This is another post all together. 

We live by the choices we make. 

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  1. hey, a day at the spa doesnt cure anything, but it sure feels good while your there..

    Brother Frankie