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Friday, September 17, 2010

Did I Just Move Backward In The Line For The Rollercoaster? (Update to my previous post)

I want to preface this post with how last night ended. I received a call from C, which I really debated about answering. She was upset and crying, wanting to know if I had spoken to Jacob. I told her that I hadn’t and she went on to tell me that she was afraid that he was out doing things he’s not supposed to be doing and that they had been fighting over text but he refused to speak with her directly. So, after I hung up with her I tried to call Jake (I know, I know…this is where I get into trouble usually). Again he wouldn’t pick up his phone, but would only text. My first thought naturally was that he must be on something which was why wouldn’t speak to anyone directly. Although, all of his text messages made perfect sense and were completely coherent. We had the following text exchange:

     ME:  Is there a good reason why you won't answer your phone and talk to me?

     JAKE:  Because I'm busy mom can u not wait till tomorrow it's kinda late

     JAKE:  I have to work tomorrow

     ME:  Don't play with me Jake...it's only 9:25 and how busy can you be?

     JAKE:  I just don't want to hear the drama and that's all u could be calling about and I don't want to
                 hear it! Nobody sees or hears what happens to me behind the scenes so I don't want to hear the 
                 other gossip

     ME:  I'm going to bed...all I'm going to say is I sincerely hope you’re using your head and not doing
              anything stupid. Yours and Cathy's issues are just that, they're ya'lls. As I told you earlier, I'm not
              going to get involved in that area, but it's no longer just about you two, now there's a baby involved
              in all of this and HE is my concern. There is a right way to handle things and you don't have a good
              track record in that department. Ryan is the one I worry about. You are a father now and you do
              not have the privilege of checking in and out without serious consequences.

     JAKE:  I agree

So around noon today I sent C a text to check in on her and ask if she was doing okay today. About an hour later she responded saying that she was fine and that Jake came home last night. I asked how he was, figuring he was okay or she wouldn’t have let him come back and she would have been burning up my phone long before now. She said that she took my advise last night and did not engage, but just told Jake she was going to bed and to let her know when he was ready to come home and talk. So, for the first time, it appears that he didn’t do anything stupid and in the end made a good decision. He went home last night instead of staying out; he wasn’t high, just tired and a little irritated. So this time my story ends on a somewhat positive note; however, I know that tomorrow everything could be all upside down again. So I’m going to take it, be happy with it for as long as possible and remain ever cautiously hopeful, yet guarded….even if just for today.

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