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I'm mom to 3 beautiful children, wife to a wonderful man who is the love of my life and grandmother, "Nonna", to a beautiful grandson. Like too many others out there, I am the mother of an addict. I am still learning to deal with things in a healthy way and have a life inspite of the insanity that addiction produces. I am very blessed to have found this community of amazing people that share so much of themselves with us all through their blogs. You are all an inspiration to me. I share your struggles, your pain, your joys and all your hopes. I pray for the addicts still out there suffering and for the people that love them the most. My heart felt thanks to each & every one of you! May God's mercy and grace be with us all, Kristi

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Survived The Great Chicago Blizzard of 2011!!

There has been so much going on and I just haven't had a chance to sit down and blog about it....wish I could say it's all been good stuff, but as the mom of an addict, it's not.  But I'm getting through it one day at a time.  Who knows maybe (hopefully) it will all work out for the best in the long run....I'm going to try to blog this weekend about my current saga....  God has certainly been working in our lives!!

I've been in Chicago and the blizzard all week on business but I'm headed home tomorrow evening...YAY!!!

I've been reading and keeping up with all your blogs...I wish everyone had all good news, but that's just not the nature of our lives. 

Keeping us all in prayer and especially those still out there suffering with the disease of addiction.  More to come later! 


  1. I'm glad you survived! I am in awe of you people who live in snow and cold! I don't know if I could do it.

  2. Hi Kristi,
    Hope you are dug out of the now! Thank you for your kind words on my blog.

  3. Hey Kristi,

    Okay....it's the weekend....what is going on? I hope you are okay. Hang in there.